The Civil War And The American War Essay

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The Civil War was one, if not the most significant war in United States history. The war was started by slave debate in 1820. The state of Missouri wanted to become a slave state. The Missouri compromise of 1820 led to the agreement that Missouri would officially become a slave state. Texas which was a part of Mexican territory became a slave state since the English settlers brought slaves into the state. With slavery present it led to the Mexican American War. They settled with Texas as a slave state and California as a free state. Ulysses S. Grant expected the Civil War.
In 1854 the Republican party was founded after the Kansas Nebraska Act which opposed southern slave interests. Slaves had no freedom and choices of wage or consumer goods. In 1860 the Presidential election occurred with Abraham Lincoln winning 40% of the vote. Douglas was runner up winning 30% in only the state of Missouri. With the north manufacturing, large population, and a very extensive railroad system it was a game changer leading into the war. The very different economies increased the conflict between both of the territories in the West. The South had the Europeans supported them since they were interested in the cotton. Abraham Lincoln had established seven southern states as great supporters from the union from South Carolina on December 20, 1869. By April 1861 the Confederates fired first on Fort Sumter where the Unions were in control ar Charleston Bay, South Carolina. Lincoln brought…

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