Essay about The Civil War: an Inevitable Conflict

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The bloodiest time in history for America was during The American Civil War; a time when Americans fought against themselves for their own rights in which they believed they were entitled to. To many it would be considered shocking and absurd to say the Civil War was something that could have avoided – and they’re right. The Civil War was an unavoidable and ultimately inevitable conflict that was essential to the evolution of our nation. The differences between the North and the South, economically and politically, were majors players on why the two divided halves of the America could not prosper together at that time; that and the fact that they had previously tried to compromise also makes the Civil War the inevitable and undeniable …show more content…
The election of the Republican candidate Abraham Lincoln was the last straw for the southerners politically. Why would they want to be part of a nation with a leader that would not fairly and accurately represent them? Excellent paragraph

In spite of these differences, the North and the South tried to compromise with each other VIA a series of legislations. They tried to exhaust their other options before going to war, like diplomatically attempting to compromise; but it ultimately only succeeded in temporarily putting off the war, though not preventing it. For example they established the Kansas-Nebraska act which created the territories of Kansas and Nebraska in 1854. They included the idea of popular sovereignty into the proposal which established that settlers could vote on whether or not to allow slavery. They included this idea in hope that it would ease relations between the North and the South. Though in reality all it did was create conflict, opponents of the act denounced it as a concession to the slave power of the south. The heinous amount of American blood that was shed during the American Civil War was nothing but inevitable. The polarizing differences between the North and the South both politically and economically are what ultimately drove the two sections

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