The Civil War : A Moral Institution Essay

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Howard Zinn once wrote that “The clash was not over slavery as a moral institution, rather the war was brought on by Northern and Southern elites who recognize the incompatibility of two distinct economic systems.” In this statement Zinn is referencing to the Civil War and stating that the war was started over the contrasting economic systems of the North and South. I disagree with this statement and instead believe that the peculiar institution, slavery, was the major factor that led to the conflicts of the Union and Confederates. The differing morals of these two distinct regions sparked the beginning of the war and the position of slavery as a moral institution and the rate of its growth was an underlying issue of the war. The Civil War was ignited over the debate that slavery was a moral or immoral institution and the war between the North and the South was strictly over the peculiar institution and not because of two distinct economic systems.
The Civil War happened during 1861-1865 and helped to resolve the issue of whether the United States would continue to exist as the largest slaveholding country in the world. The war initially began because of uncompromising differences between free and slave states over the power of the national government to prohibit slavery in new territories. In 1848, Mexico ceded the Southwestern territory known as the Mexican Cession to the United States and conflict arose between the North and the South of whether or not it would remain…

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