The Church Of The Canon Essay

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In the first part of the first millennium, the church underwent persecutions, councils, accusations, doctrinal affirmations, heretical oppositions, and solidifications. This time in history affected the church of today traditionally and doctrinally. Presently, certain churches hold their worship services as the first-millennium church did: they hold them Sunday. Other traditional churches, as the early churches essentially did before a soul underwent baptism, hold catechisms. Doctrinally, churches of today are thankful to the early councils that affirmed the validity of Scripture: they are thankful that the councils formed the Canon. Therefore, appreciating the past would aid anyone who desires to know the church’s construction of the Canon. Studying Marcion, Montanus, the canonical list Marcion made and the canonical list Athanasius made, Athanasius, the Councils that decided the New Testament canon, and knowing the description of the gospel of Thomas and the gospel of Bartholomew, would provide an understanding of the actions of the present church concerning the Canon.
During the time of the early church, Marcion opposed the church and its orthodoxy by preaching his heretical message. Marcion allowed his personal passions to interfere with his theology: his theology was anti-Semitic. In agreement, W.H.C. Frend stated that with Marcion, there is an anti-Semitic theme. He hated the God of the Old Testament, Frend recorded. During the second century, Marcion distinguished…

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