The Christmas Season : The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Essays

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The Christmas season has often been called “the most wonderful time of the year.” Between all the joy and magic associated with this holiday, it seems almost impossible to be in a bad mood. However, the countdown until Christmas has turned into an annoyance for many. Over the past several decades, the Christmas season has evolved into one of commercialization and debate among various groups and organizations. Marketers have made this time of year much about consumerism and satisfying one’s family and friends with gifts. As the years have progressed, leaders and officials have changed many Christmas celebrations to incorporate any and all cultures, whether by constructing a ‘holiday tree,’ or wishing people “Happy Holidays” as opposed to a “Merry Christmas” (Levey, p. 356, 2006). As society continues to become increasingly diverse, it is unlikely that the controversy surrounding Christmas will diminish. The invention of Santa Claus is one of many hot topics surrounding the Christmas season. Santa Claus has developed into a worldwide phenomenon, being associated with ‘Cinderella Christmas1’ in Japan and the ‘Christmas games2’ of the Inuit (Hodkinson & Stronach, p. 15, 2011). Santa Claus has become the most emphasized Christmas symbol and has much to do with why many associate snowfall with this holiday (Moraru, p. 34, 2013). Although he is the man most Christian children anxiously await for on Christmas Day, Santa Claus goes against much of the ideas that…

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