Idolization Of Professional Athletes Essay

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Many professional athletes of today are idolized by many fans which are adults, teens and as well as the youth of this generation. These professional athletes are idolized but some are Favorited more than others, these athletes who get more of the fans love are considered the elite. The elite are those who win many accolades to support their presence and excel in their athletic profession by dominating the competition of their respected sport. Even though these athletes are human just like anyone else they are still expected to live without making some poor choices, which every human is prone to doing at some point in their lives. When these elite athletes make poor decisions they affect more than just themselves, they affect the organization to which they belong or the fans who live for their success. Because these …show more content…
swung his helmet in a childish fit at a field-goal net on the Giants sideline after a fourth quarter Eli Manning interception” (Para 1). Odell Beckham Jr. is being ridiculed for his poor choice of throwing his helmet at the kicking net, he is then called something as insulting to a grown man as “childish”. Odell is a man that shows his passion for the game no matter the situation. Although, it was a poor choice of action to throw his helmet and kick the field goal net he was only showing his passion for the game. The media has seen this “childish” action and took full advantage of it, putting it on front covers of magazines as well as daily newspapers. The reason he is put down like this by the media is because the fans have created a reputation for him to keep up. Kids and other adult fans look up to Odell. So when he makes a mistake off or most importantly on the field, track or court, he is slandered hard by the media. Ultimately Odell’s choices are very limited, if he wants to keep a good image he has to be the guy the fans want him to

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