Effective Leadership

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In every organisation, leadership is a very important aspect. In fact, the success and the history of any organisation is crafted by the leaders. Effective leadership provides several benefits and enables an organisation to implement effective strategies to meet its goals and objectives. However, leadership is not easy: it takes a lot of courage, focus to become a great leader. Leadership requires self-sacrifices, determination, and honest with yourself as well as your follower. Fortunately, by learning from other people mistakes and from successful, you build your leadership skills. This write-up will focus on the characteristics of a good leader and what it takes to build leadership skills as learnt from Leadership Gold by John C. Maxwell. …show more content…
20 percent of the information you get from you assistant will help in making 80 percent of the decisions. One of the fatal mistakes novice leaders make is underestimating the importance of an assistant. With the right personnel in place, a leader can keep his or her mind on the most important things while the assistants work on minor things. In addition, should allow certain problems to be solved at a low level.
Importance of integrating God in leadership
Great leaders understand the importance of involving God in their decision making. Through prayers, a leader get the motivation required to overcome obstacles faced. In addition, integrating God in leadership enables one to hold high standards of integrity which is crucial ingredient of a successful leader. A part from providing supervising, a leader provides guidance to the juniors. In leadership, the importance of God and prayers are requisite.
Effective leaders set high
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Leaders encounter several challenges and problems and make countless decisions some which are not perfect. A good leader does not avoid making mistakes but learns from his or her mistakes. In the book, it is clear that the number of mistakes does not matter, but the number of times a leader makes the same mistake. It is wrong to assume your people do not know your weakness. By admitting mistakes, you offer an assurance that you know your weakness which gives an opportunity to improve your approach to leadership. Great leaders are not perfect, mistakes are inevitable and a healthy process of

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