Quintessential Expectations Of I Want A Wife By Judy Brady

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Namely, in the essay Brady pokes fun at the behaviour of how a wife should express her personality through meeting the standards of being obedient and understanding. For instance, Brady mocks the perfect picture that a wife will be able to sexually satisfy her husband, all while she remains “sexually faithful” (Brady 1992) to her male counterpart. Though on the other hand she portrays the picture that the wife should be understanding if the husband decides that he “may entail more than strict adherence to monogamy.” (Brady 1992). The characterization of the wife, as depicted in the following passages, are just an example of how there is an expectation that a woman should be able to remain pure and be obedient to her husband only. While the husband on the other hand, may be pursued to commit adultery if his wife does not …show more content…
In her essay she describes the role of a wife to have a personality that is obedient, a wife who take on more than one role and wife who is willing to reshape her lifestyle for her family. However, being a wife in the 1970’s differs from being a wife in twenty-first century. As a result of events that took place in the 1970’s and onwards, women’s careers have flourished up till now. Women of the twenty-first century still hold the role of the wife. Though the main difference today is that every women’s experience as wife is different. Various women will be wives, but hold their career or education in high regard and have an equal paying job as their partner. Other women will have children with their partners, but decide not to stay home. Leading their partner to stay home with the children as she follows a degree or a career. While other women will stay home with the children and live a quiet life as a housewife. No matter the position a woman takes as a wife, she will always be

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