Essay about The Change That Changed Me

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The Change that Changed Me
The moment that I put a foot on the airplane was a peculiar feeling that will be hard to explain. I was feeling a whirlwind of thoughts, like an explosion of feelings between happiness and sadness. I knew that I would not be going to come back to my home soon, this has and will affect my life and me. I was going to change like the skin of a snake, that changes for good but will never going to come back to be her skin again. In my airplane, there was no way back for a while. Left my country, my city, my friends and my family was more difficult than hike La piedra del Penol. My family and friends were and it is going to be a big part of my life, constantly they make many opinions that make a reaction on me. In a girl,, could affect in a good way or in an extremely bad way. It was the period of time in a girl that everything changes, even you. This moment is one that every woman will go through, it is something big and happens many things on you or around you. These things being as meeting new people, living with strange people, sharing my room with a foreign like me, doing new things, taking risks, making me exploring emotions or feelings.
In our life, when those people that are important to us make a comment about us, could alter us. Make some effect in us, means that could affect us in a good manner or bad manner. In my family, I am the little one and the more spoiled. Off course, the idea of me leaving my parents younger was something unexpected,…

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