Essay about The Change Of Female Video Game

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The Change in Female Video Game Characters
When one enters a video game store and looks around at the different covers for the games. Most games one picks up will have a male character on the front and a less prominent woman character in the back(see fig. 1). In fact, most principal video game characters are male. The supporting roles are usually played by female characters if there are any female characters.Image Even some of the first characters like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man although they were not human, they were male. Games like Link and Mario Brothers also had principal male characters and a weaker female character that needed to be saved. Even more recent games include Splinter Cell and the remade Prince of Persia. This large disparity of strong female characters has alienated women gamers. However now female characters are becoming stronger and more equal to their male counterparts.
New video game characters are increasing participation among women gamers since the female characters are as effective as male characters. Characters like Zelda have changed female roles in video games. Another franchise that has definitely impacted the gaming community was Her Interactive Nancy Drew Mysteries. Just like the book progressed feminism in the 1920s, its games are making headway. Another aspect is the amenity of video game character gender allowing the paly to insert them self in the game regardless gender.
A recent study on gender roles in video games stated…

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