The Challenges of Introducing New Technology Essay

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06 Oct 2010 Technologies that are new to an organization present a number of issues simply because they are new. Such issues are rarely addressed properly or sufficiently, if at all. The lack of a formal process for introducing new technology into an IT environment is one of the biggest challenges faced by companies looking to leverage new products. Here is a look at how you can plan for introducing new technologies -including new software, new systems, new versions of existing software and systems, and more -- to ensure the proper technical teams and governance mechanisms are
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The technology has reached a high degree of maturity. This includes organizational capabilities, refined processes for both development and operational support. Known best practices have been applied. No new solutions can be deployed on top of the technology. Existing solutions are migrated over time, if possible.





Introducing a new technology
A suitable process must exist to support the lifecycle described above. Many
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companies struggle with this because there is usually no defined process to perform for handling new technology. In reality, the effort of bringing a new technology into production is mostly tied to the regular development and deployment lifecycle (that is, the activities that are performed for any new business solution) and paired with the individual heroics of experienced staff. In particular, it has been my experience that operational characteristics are considered late -- or not at all. These characteristics include things like monitoring, capacity planning, problem determination, and backup/restore procedures, none of which deal with creating a new solution, but instead deal with operating and maintaining it. The key point to remember is that a new technology will bring new requirements with it that didn’t exist

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