Personal Narrative: My Experience With Tyler Nanne

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For my assignment, I had the opportunity to meet up with Tyler Nanne in order to learn more about himself. Being a people person, I was excited to embark on this adventure. I knew that we had many similarities with each other before I met with him. Aside from being college students at the Twin Cities, we were both young adults who knew that the real world that we will eventually face will bring many memories and challenges. Neither of us are perfect, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t change our community for the better. I also knew that there were differences between us though. He is an avid hockey player while I can’t even convince myself to watch a game on TV until the Stanley Cup Playoffs come around. And if it doesn’t involve the Wild, …show more content…
Of course, that wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for inspiration and encouragement he received from his father and grandfather. He also told me that he plans to pursue a career in professional hockey and work in sales and marketing after that, like his father. It was around this point where I wanted to have a little fun and find out what his pet peeves were. He told me, however, that other than scratching the chalkboard with your fingernails, there weren’t a lot of things you could do that would bother him. I then asked him about his biggest achievement in life, and he gave me an interesting response: becoming a man. Despite his numerous achievements in school and in hockey, Tyler told me that being able to mature and taking responsibility for himself have really changed him for the better. The next question, however, was the one that really made me learn about his setbacks. I asked him if there was a life experience that affected him. That’s when he brought up his recent bout with myocarditis, which I later learned was heart inflammation. Most people with myocarditis aren’t even aware of the symptoms, so they don’t even know that they have it. Not taking care of it could put you at risk of heart …show more content…
Things similar and different compared with me. Similarly, with Tyler, I’m also interested in sales, and I’m currently pursuing a degree at Carlson. We both look up to our fathers as our heroes. While my father never pushed me to do hockey, he was always into academics and encouraged me to be on top in all of my classes. My dad taught me to stand up for myself, to be a tough yet kind gentleman, and to have a great sense of humor. It seems as though Tyler values family as one of his priorities, and I value that too. My parents were brought up in a collectivist culture in Somalia, and they wanted their children to realize how important relatives are to you. This involved meeting our aunts, uncles, and cousins, and then having to meet the many countless cousins our parents had. Being a kid, I would sometimes feel bored, especially due to the language barrier between me and the older relatives. But getting older, I now realize the importance of extended family, even if the cultural beliefs for some are much different from mine. They really care for you as a person, and you should return the favor by giving back to them. I never had heart inflammation, or any serious disease or injury that set me back from my goals. But what Tyler went through really made me realize that you shouldn’t take life for granted. There are major setbacks that could put you away from your goals, and you simply have

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