Wayne Gretzky's Hockey Career

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“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” has become a very well used quote in the hockey world, all because of one person who came up with it. This former Canadian professional hockey player was born up north in Brantford, Ontario. He was welcomed to the world by Walter and Phyllis Gretzky.(“Gretzky’s ” 1) Little did they know he would be a legend one day.This man is Wayne Gretzky. The roots of Wayne Gretzky’s hockey career may seem unusual but they helped him grow up to be the athlete he is today.
It started at the age of two, Wayne could lace up his skates before he could even tie his shoes, and a frozen river is where it would all begin for him.(Wigge)(Gretzky & Reilly 16) At the age of three he was actually playing.(Josephson) A big influence of his was his grandmother who would sit in a chair and be his goalie while he would put in hours on the ice, even at the age of two.(Gretzky & Reilly 16)
By the time Wayne was four, his dad Walter made an ice rink in their very own backyard.(Wayne & Gretzky 16)Wayne would spend hours out on the ice daily.(Gretzky
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When he was eighteen he got traded and began playing for the Edmonton Oilers.(“Wayne”)He had gotten another offer from the England Whalers that he did not accept.(Gretzky & Reilly 31)This was the start of Wayne’s NHL career. The first four games Wayne had played in flew by and by the fifth game, he had finally got his first goal.(Gretzky & Reilly 47)Not only did he help the Oilers get points throughout the season, he also lead them to four Stanley Cup championships.(“Wayne”)After being with the Oilers for quite awhile something unbelievable happened. Wayne got traded to the Los Angeles Kings.(“Wayne”) This was possibly the biggest trade known in sports history.(“Wayne”)Not only were hockey fans involved,instead, the whole nation was.(“Wayne”)Some people were furious with this change and soon enough protests and rioting broke out because of

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