The Challenges Of Sex Trafficking In The World

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While the world is developing and borders between countries are becoming less prominent, it is important to focus on the social issues globalization brings forward. In many countries, it is common for women’s voices to get lost in the crowd. During this time of transformation and global efforts, it is pertinent to remember the unique challenges women all over the globe face daily as a result. Aided by the structure of contemporary globalization, sex trafficking is an increasing problem across the globe. Despite the powerful forces that work against sex trafficking, most affected women rebel to hardships or unwanted cultural, social, or economic situations and seek out a better way of life. These women are willing to take risks to gain the …show more content…
They focus on stressing rights such as freedom and equality. Communities also commonly take a stand against sex trafficking. They base their initiatives on the empowerment of women and girls through education and vocational training. Whether a person is fighting policy, or empowering women, it is important to remember the greatest impact on sex trafficking lies with the way individuals worldwide view the issue. It is common for people to view efforts against sex trafficking as rescuing victims. While this is easy to justify, it can be patronizing and completely ignore the cultural, economic, and social structures that create sex trafficking problems in the first place. Instead, the focus should be placed on adjusting cultural norms of sexuality and giving women opportunities to move from a place of vulnerability to …show more content…
The most success in this area is expected to come as a result of a multipronged approach. An increase in the number of women pursing higher education, as well as training, networking, and mentoring focused on women, and a balance of professional and family responsibilities are all factors expected to increase success for women in the workplace, while increasing the visibility of gender issues in the work place.
Overall, social movements have allowed women to develop their own visions of gender and economic justice. Global patterns so far suggest that collective action alone has increased awareness and decreased the gender inequality gap on issues from sex trafficking to the labor force. Although globalization has brought countries together rapidly, it has also given women a unique opportunity to bond together and fight for a common cause, their equality. While complete gender equality is a difficult battle, the fight is possible and continues to be strengthened around the

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