My Life Journey Research Paper

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Over the course of my life I have come across many obstacles physically, mentally, and spiritually. From the deaths of loved ones and good people I have had the honor to call friends, all the way down to the mud pits and physical hells of being a Marine, the trials and tribulations of my life are many. Sometimes it can be brought to point that I brought this all upon myself, and for the most part this is true. All of the decisions I have made have brought me to where I am at this point, submitting an essay in hopes of finally getting into a field where I will never work another day of my life. But I digress, while that is not the attitude of this essay it falls into part of the most challenging obstacle I have had to face. You see LIFE ITSELF is the hardest thing I have had to deal with. It is the one thing that …show more content…
First and foremost, I had to learn how to deal with the trials. From accepting what fate had dealt me in the cards, to knowing that I have the ability somewhat to control my spiritual environment was a very large step. It doesn’t matter how large or how small the issue is, the first step is maintaining a clear head and doing whatever it takes to simply make it through unscathed. The second step is the most important though. It’s the knowledge that what happened has happened and nothing I do can change it. Looking past hindsight is part of this. We can always look back and say, “Oh, well I could have done this and that better” and then sit and dwell on the situation. That does nothing more than irritate an already fresh wound and not allow it to heal. The key to the spiritual healing aspect is looking back and learning, the only bad experiences are the ones you waste. The military taught me how to make it through the situations, and in a roundabout style, how to deal with what has occurred. Life has given me the scars and calluses necessary to handle those life

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