The Challenges And Advantages And Disadvantages Of Human Resource Management

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Introduction The Human Resources Management (HRM) field has become one of the most important departments within organizations across the globe. HRM is used to recruit candidates, train them on the various policies, implement performance appraisals, and ensure the guidelines are followed to name a few. However, the roles of an HRM professional extends beyond these areas by becoming the life-line for these organizations that employs people. Therefore, establishing and maintaining HRM is critical to the success or failure of an organization. According to Burma (2014), “researchers and practitioners are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of a competitive work environment and try to find ways of adapting to competitive conditions. These efforts have mostly focused on human resource management practices in the last two …show more content…
During this study, both researched and concluded the problem with integrating a strategic plan is the relationship between HRM and strategic business planning (SBP). Golden and Ramanujam attributed failures when both HRM and SBP are not properly integrated. Most companies developed strategic plans based off marketing and financial data, but ignore the human resource aspect of the plan (Golden and Ramanujam, 1985). After my research, I have concluded how an organization can develop and implement a strategic plan. First, know the difference between an HR plan and a strategic plan. The strategic plan focuses on the major objectives of the company, while the HR plan focuses on the things that need to be done to accomplish the strategic plan. Secondly, understanding short falls and strengths are vital because it allows both the HRM and SBP to understand where resources need to be allocated. Third, understanding outside influences that impact the company i.e. competitors. Last, prioritize issues and actions, some things needs more attention than

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