How Does Human Resource Management Influence The Strategic Management Process

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2.1 Strategic Management
Both Wustenhagen (2003) and Noe (2015) state that using strategic management to address competitive challenges expressed through well thought out vision, planning, policies and allocation of resources will typically result in the organisation achieving its goals.
When designing their strategy, organisations need to take into account all the competing factors in the environment which they operate, and know how they will deliver their product or service to the market.
Noe (2015) suggests that it is during this formulation of strategy, that human resource management can influence the strategic management process. Noe (2015) highlights the fact that once the organisation adopts an approach, that decision will decide which
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They remain competitive through the efficient use of technology to implement efficiencies. Moreover, the organisation has to create a continuous learning environment to fulfil the requirements of its stakeholders.
2.3 Strategy Implementation
Once the organisation decides which HRM strategy to use, it will take a decision on the most appropriate HRM practice to implement its strategy. While the HRM practices outlined in the proceeding section are all necessary, learning and development have a strategic role in the organisation 's competitive strategy.
Job analysis and design will invariably highlight changes in the types of skills and skill mix employees must have to accommodate changes in product improvements or service offerings an organisation may undertake to satisfy needs of its customers. Implementing quality improvement programs is of particular importance for the organisation. Invariably this may induce a change in production or delivery methods that often require new skills to ensure quality. In this environment, to remain competitive, organisations will demand its workforce be cross trained and be multi-skilled. In doing so, its workforce is capable of implementing change to any given
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State and Territory legislation require individuals and companies be licensed. Codes of practice govern the industry. These specifications and procedures are designed to ensure products and services are reliable and consistently perform the way they were intended. The codes and guidelines aim to establish best practice.
On examination of legislation across Australia, organisations are required to be licensed with very few, if any, qualifications other than being a registered business. All jurisdictions require individuals employed in the industry to be licensed. It is necessary for candidates, to meet certain criteria. The rules vary across jurisdictions. By way of example, the minimum entry level for persons in Queensland is a Certificate II in Security Operations. Those that acquire a Queensland Security license are required to complete revalidation training every three years and hold a current first aid

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