The Challenge Faced By Coca Cola Is Increasing Concern For The Environment

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1.One challenge encountered by Coca Cola on the TOP 5 trends is Increasing Concern for the Environment. The historical account given not only by this case study alone shows that there were factors that posed and still pose as challenges for Coca cola in its roa d to success. Despite its demand in the regional markets in the 1900’s and modest expansion into the global market, Coke also had some medicinal challenges brought up as complaints from consumers.[1] According to Al Ries 2013 ,consumption of this beverage was by and large contributing to the rising numbers of people suffering from chronic illnesses like Diabetes. The writer attributes these developments to the high levels of sugar and calories in the beverage. He further writes that …show more content…
The arrival of the company fourteen years earlier was celebrated as it created the much needed employment for residents but sooner than they expected, water sources started to dry out. This became hazardous to livelihood and health at large as farmers and residents were now exposed to a life threatening situation. In June 2014 the Indian Environmental Court decided to shut down the factory for several …show more content…
The quality and safety of all systemwide operations are monitored and measured against the same rigorous standards. Our quality management program helps us identify and mitigate risks and drive improvements. We stringently test and measure the quality attributes of our beverages in modern laboratories at every step of production. This due diligence is performed in all of the countries and territories where our products are produced and sold. We also consistently reassess the relevance of our requirements and standards and continually work to improve them across our supply chain.[3]

An extract from the case study also shows that the company has in a way responded to consumer needs by introducing other beverages that are low in sugars and calories like Sprite, Fanta, Minute Maid, Simply Orange, Fresca, Vitamin Water, Smart Water, Odwalla, and Powerade.[1]

3.Of the 5 building blocks in the Learning Organization,the writer choses to discuss Learning from others: Recognizing that good ideas come from anywhere, not just inside the company, learning organizations network with other

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