Why Do We Drink Less Soda

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Drink Less Soda!
Half of Americans consume some form of sugary drink every day. Twenty five percent consume at least 200 calories a day. Children tend to drink more than adults and lower income households drink more than those above the poverty line (Center for Disease Control, 2011). Sugar beverages are typically cheaper than healthy alternatives such as milk or bottled water. This paper will review the health effects of drinking sugary drinks. Successful campaigns to reduce consumption will be analyzed and used as a guide to create a local plan to gain awareness and help reduce the intake of beverages full of liquid sugar. Additionally, political and ethical considerations will be explored. Soda has a high sugar content that contributes negatively to health and should be ingested sparingly.
Soft Drinks and Health
Excess soda can cause or contribute to several health issues including obesity, diabetes, liver disease, tooth decay, and heart disease (Health
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Although reducing daily intake of sweetened drink will not eliminate these chronic conditions, it is an easy change that can have measureable results on tooth decay and obesity, which reduces the likelihood of diabetes, liver disease and heart disease. The objectives of Drink Less Soda! are to reduce soda and other sugary drink intake within the community by 5% by educating the population, ensuring access to healthy alternatives and increasing barriers to sweetened drinks. Some key features include a vending machine ordinance to provide healthy choices, removing sugary drinks from all public schools, parks and recreational and sporting venues, and government buildings, mass market education campaign to drink less soda and drink more water and the health benefits behind it, and implement local tax on sugar drinks to help fund health programs and increase the barrier to sugar drink

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