The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention Essay

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is one of the leading agencies in the department, and is one of the leading agencies in public health. By understanding the history, roles, and objectives of the CDC, one can better appreciate the role it plays in the public health sector. As stated on its website, the CDC’s mission is to work 24/7 to protect the United States from health, safety, and security threats (CDC Website). In addition, the CDC also serves to help communities fight disease. The CDC does this through scientific analysis and investigation in order to provide the public information on dangerous health threats and works on several ways to respond when these health dangers are imminent. However, the CDC’s beginnings were rooted in another organization. After World War II, Dr. Joseph W. Mountin of the U.S. Public Health Service 's Bureau of State Services posed an idea about an agency that could focus on containing communicable diseases and guarding the health of the U.S. population. The organization was established July 1, 1946 and was initially called the Communicable Disease Center (cite here). Set in Atlanta, Georgia, the initial mission of the Communicable Disease Center was field investigation and control of infectious diseases, such as malaria and typhus (cite here). In 1947, the CDC established new headquarters and established new facilities for field work which focused on communicable diseases and training. After knowing a brief…

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