The Center, King 's Harvest And North Star Community Center Essay

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I completed my volunteer work at three different organizations, The Center, King 's Harvest and North Star Community Center. The first organization I volunteered at was The Center which is a non profit organization that has been around since 2009. Its mission is to alleviate and minimize the pain and suffering of those facing oppression. They focus on three main groups the youth, the homeless and community development. The center focuses on using a holistic approach to helping these underserved people by educating them and providing assistance in a way that doesn’t just help mentally but also helps them physically and spiritually. The second organization I volunteered at was King’s Harvest which is an organization that serves the poor and homeless within the community. They provide the community by meeting not just their physical needs but also emotional and spiritual needs. They offer these underserved people a place to stay and eat. They also try to provide guidance and educate these individuals in an attempt to increase their chances of getting out of poverty.
The last organization I volunteered at was North Star Community Services, I did most of my volunteering at this organization. North Star is a non-profit rehabilitative service agency that provides adult day services and supported community living services so individuals with disabilities have a better opportunity to live enriched lives within the community. The organization 's mission statement is “North Star…

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