The Cell Phone Has Changed The Way Human Beings Live And Communicate

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The cell phone is something that has changed the way human beings live and communicate. These days you can’t walk down a street without seeing someone with their cell phone out either talking, texting, checking email or on some sort of app. People these days have become dependent on their cell phones as far more than just a tool to make a phone call. The cell phone has certainly evolved from its first introduction to the world back in 1973.

April 3, 1973 was a date that history was made. On this date Martin Cooper, who worked for Motorola made the very first mobile telephone call. It wasn’t until ten years later before the first cell phones would be made available to the public for purchase. September 21, 1983 the FCC authorized Motorola to begin making cell phones available for purchase. The initial purchase price for a Motorola cell phone was an astonishing $3,995. The initial cell phone weighed 2.5 pounds, couldn’t text and could not be carried in a pocket like todays phones.

Today you can get certain cell phones for free, some weigh just ounces and you can do almost anything from your cell phone. With the invention of apps you can do everything from deposit a check to order food to turn on the air conditioning in your house. All of these things are convenient and have made most of our lives easier. However the cell phone has been responsible for one unforeseen negative.

With the invention of text messaging and apps that allow you to avoid direct communication,…

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