Environmental Impacts Of Hurricane Katrina

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Weather Disasters
Bryce Tretter
Earth Science: FALL16-A-8-GEO101-2
Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hurricanes and tornadoes have been occurring time to time causing massive havoc and destruction of property along their path. In this paper we are going to talk about one hurricane that occurred recently and caused a lot of damage, hurricane KATRINA. Hurricane Katrina was the third deadliest hurricane of all time to have ever hit the United States of America. The hurricane Katrina originated in the coast of Bahamas where it was formed
Hurricane Katrina caused major havoc that affected the planet earth in a very big way. The hurricane Katrina damaged the oil mining of Bp along the shore of the Gulf of Mexico leading to massive oil spillages
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More than half of the people that were killed by the tornado were senior citizens. Different states recorded different number of deaths that totaled the 1,836 people. In Kentucky 1 person died, 2 from Alabama, and another 2 from Georgia and Alabama each. 14 people died from the state of Florida while 238 more people died from Mississippi. The majority of deaths were recorded in the state of Louisiana where 1,577 people were reported dead.
The hurricane Katrina had a major effect of the economy. The Bush government gave out up to 105 billion US dollars to repair the places that were affected by the hurricane, this did not account for other economic damages. The property that was lost and that was insured ranged between $ 40-$60 billion dollars that insurance company had to pay out. In New Orleans alone the floods resulted to major loses with the housing industry losing property worth $67 billion. Government property of worth $3 billion was destroyed and $20 billion business properties were
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The hurricane led to a reduction in the population of people residing in the affected regions. In the state of Louisiana more than 500,000 people left and moved away from the hurricane strike state. In New Orleans the population declined by half, before the storm the population used to be 455,046 but after the hurricane the population was 210,768. Another permanent consequence brought about by the hurricane is the destruction of about 320 million trees in the state of Mississippi and Louisiana. The loss of these trees will lead to the release of about 367 million tons of carbon dioxide through the decomposition of these destroyed

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