The Causes Of Events In Homer's The Iliad

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The poem the Iliad was written by Homer, who wrote about a time during the Greek and Trojan war. As of today, though the book is still argued because of certain accounts of history it speaks of. Numerous ancient poems for example the Iliad consist of bloodshed and in quarrels, the book talks of things and how it started. There are different events that take place in book 1, 9, and 24. Each of the books are events that took place starting with arguments over deaths, kidnaps, and heroism. The whole book Iliad was written of arguments and honor that everyone wanted to have at a certain time. Homer’s the Iliad has a deep meaning for the readers in the end of book 24, it leaves a cliffhanger that two great leaders mourn their losses.
The Iliad in book 1 starts with Chryses asking Agamemnon to give his daughter back to him, but Agamemnon refuses. We fist learn
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Achilles best friend Patroclus has just been buried and Achilles is just simply heartbroken. He knows that his time is limited and the last thing that had meaning to him was his friend Patroclus. He knows that he will soon have to release the body of Hector like he is asked to do because he has high respect for the god’s. Achilles then meets Priam the father of the son that Achilles has killed. When Achilles first sees Priam, he recognizes that they both have lost someone dear to them.
After reading and analyzing the Iliad, I came up with the conclusion it’s a book of multiple pain’s and losses in wars. War can be easily described as the basic story of all humanity. The author Homer expresses his thoughts about the war and what might have taken place, even though the reality of the war was that the Greeks lost to the Trojans. In the Iliad the main character has honor and a heroic code he lives by. In the end however the real hero is Achilles because he holds the true heroic code. The Iliad sums up numerous wars, even some that are going on

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