The Causes Of Depression: What We Fear Most

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Depression...What We Fear Most Depression is inevitable. Hannah Montana once said, “Nobody 's perfect you live it and you learn it” (Nobody’s Perfect v.2). There are those dark times you will go through and experience depression. Depression is very common but ,serious mood disorder. The symptoms for depression varies for each person, it mostly affects your daily life activities like eating, lack of sleep, or just working. On an average depression lasts for at least 2 weeks or even many years. The causes of depression can be various. It varies on the individual and what they 're going through. Depression is a trigger that 's been set off inside your brain. The main causes of depression are; abuse, drugs, death, and other personal problems. …show more content…
People in today 's society need to recognize this problem because being depressed to a certain degree can lead to suicide. In most suicide cases, the reasons of them killing themselves is because they were depressed. The ranges of ages where people are most depressed is from the ages of sixteen and older. From personal experience I see people most depressed when they 're in highschool and college. Because that 's at an age where kids are still being developed and being formed who they truly are. At this point in life people are worried about being able to fit in and be someone who they 're not and trying to change themselves to what society is being seen as. There 's a lot of influences in today 's world which is also main cause to depression. Depression is very unhealthy. The longer someone is depressed, it really affects their mental health. Depression adds a lot of stress. Not being able to take care of yourself, like eating, sleeping, and losing weight. It all adds up and it 's very unhealthy. “Nearly one-half of those diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder”. Anxiety disorder are mental disorders characterized by feelings of anxiety, and fear. This leads to physical symptoms like shaking, heart racing, and temperature dropping. When depression and anxiety colloid together, it

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