The Causes And Effects Of Terrorism

Effects of Terrorism
The effects on terrorism are horrifying and evil, the thought of someone killing someone else for their beliefs is absurd. The fact is we cannot deny that it does not exist; it is alive and well in the present day. Children and infants are dying because of conflict between nations. The act of war affects the worlds right and mostly of all the human rights.
Terrorism is a use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. To get what you want you have to put fear in the people’s eyes and with the fear power will come and terrorism will place fear in people’s heart and minds. There are a lot of reasons why terrorism exist in the world for power, money, respect and even religion is even a reason for this parasite
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He organized the crime that will forever change American history and the world itself. The attacks on September 11, 2001 four planes were highjack, two planes hit the world trade center the north tower and south tower. Both badly damaged they both collapsed to their end killing about 3,000 people along the way. The other planes two planes had the same plans going on. One plane crashed at the U.S pentagon. The other was headed for the white house but some brave passengers stop the hijacker’s and that had taken over the plane but the same fate was headed their way as the crashed to their death in Pennsylvania. Since those awful days, the hunt for Osama Bin Laden had started and the war against terrorism was heard around all over the world. With for more than ten years we searched for Bin Laden countless times with good people dying along the way to serve their country. They died protecting their country for and with a belief that they died for the safety of America and for a better future for the world. For eleven long years the wait was over America had killed Osama Bin Laden. The Al-Qaeda leader had been killed and the main brains of the evil organization had been put to a …show more content…
The biggest threat to them is America because of our retaliation against their regime. They are best known for taking over Siberia and Iraq killing of most of the military of both countries. They go to the extreme killing anyone who is against them in the most gruesome way by torture, beheading, executing by firearms, burring people alive, crucifixion and burying people alive. They are also known of putting execution videos online so people can fear them and or make videos for people to join the terrorist organization. The United States retaliate against the group with airstrikes and drone strikes and also by sending soldiers to Iraq and Siberia to teach their military how to defend themselves and protect their innocent people. Not only does the United States do this but also Great Britain has joined in the fight to eliminate terrorism and put balance back into the world. Enforcing their religion onto people is a crime against the world because of their act of violence. Countries are joining to put an end to the evil group. They will not stop until this cancer of the world is stopped and is brought to

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