Essay The Causes And Consequences Of Bad Leadership

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Leadership and its effects
The critique derived from two articles “Bad Leaders They can cripple your team” & “The Causes and Consequences of Bad Leadership”
This is the critique from two articles “The Causes and Consequences of Bad Leadership.” (Schilling, & Schyns, 2014) and “Bad Leaders: They can cripple your team.” (Kellerman, 2007). In an attempt to describe the reasons of emerging of a bad leader & effects of a bad leadership and measures to be taken to reduce the effect caused by bad leadership. This review has been chosen to push the reader’s limits of thinking to figure out the nature of a leader he or she is following or to determine the mission of the reader himself if reader by himself is acting as a leader or encountering bad leadership.
All the leaders have same zeal towards the mission and bad leader is as good as good leader in thinking, hard working and keeping the organization important before family and more importantly both are equally good at decision making (Kellerman, 2007). And a nature of inspiration of leaders comes in within themselves which effect their followers to be inspired and followed in good or bad way depending upon the nature of the leader.
Reasons of emerging of a bad leader:
While comparing these two articles found out the reason of a bad leadership is overambitious charisma, refused charisma, disappointed charisma, and abandoned charisma (Schilling, & Schyns, 2014) which result in qualities Incompetent, Rigid, Intemperate, Callous,…

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