The Cause And Effects Of Cyber Bullying Among Youth

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Cyber bullying among teen occur when the teenagers harms or harass their peers over the information technology network. Cyber refers to any form of information technology and is not limited to social networks such as Facebook, blogs, twitter, SMS. It is important to note that an action can only be considered as bullying if it is repeated and conducted deliberately to harm or harass the victim. This paper seeks to argue that cyber bullying is a deep-seated psychological problem whose cause should be analyzed and the effects corrected.
Cyber bullying includes acts of harassment, humiliation, or attacks on other people using information technology. The cyber bullies are interested in intimidating, controlling or manipulating their victims into
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The most common cause is retaliation. Most of the cyber bullies intend to revenge for something bad done to them. However, it is important to note that they may be revenging for something good that the victim did to them like reporting them to the school administration for antisocial behavior. These students may start with posting private pictures of the student online or installing private webcam in the strategic places to capture their victims in compromising situation. Other may seen warning and threat SMS to the student to instill fear in the victim (Splete 47).
Insecurity in teens usually leads them to bullying their teens. As the teens go through adolescents, their physical, mental and emotional changes make the teens feel lonely and alone. Most of the teen feel insecure as they do not have self-confidence is a major cause as the teens try to project an image of self-confidence to friends and families. The children who undergo significant physical changes are often the most targeted by the bullies. On the other hand, the teens who feel threatened by other teens in terms of beauty, or handsomeness, or financial stability. Those who feel that they are inadequate in someway feel threatened and start beating their competition. Teen bully personality is seen through a stereotype of an insecure child who wants to be seen as superficially strong. The weak use verbal or physical abuse to feel in control and to fill the psychological voids in their
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Using rumors to taint the image of peers can lead to suicidal ideations (Cesaroni, Downing, and Alvi 199-211).
Effect of cyber bullying
Cyber bullying has many consequences of varying magnitude. These consequences include humiliation, depression, and even suicide in worst-case scenario. Like all forms of bullying, cyber bullying causes psychological, emotional and physical stress. Each person 's response to being bullied is unique, but research has shown some general tendencies.
Some of the most common cusses of suicide include the case of college students such as Tyler Clementi who committed suicide because his roommate posted his private pictures online. Tyler Clementi realizes that his private moment with his gay boyfriend had been posted online and to escape the humiliation, he decided to jump of the bridge. Effects of bullying can be analyzed from three perspectives. These include the effects on the bully, the victim as well as on the people who witness the cyber bullying incidents. It has also been said that significant positive correlation between cyber bullying and suicide as most teen victims of cyber bullying do not have the strength to face the community after the humiliation (Besag 127-127).
The teenage

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