Essay on The Cause And Effect Of Social Skills

991 Words Nov 11th, 2015 4 Pages
Scattered memories, shattered dreams, and lost hope. It was once all in tact. Life beats you down and what your left with is someone you don’t even recognize, you lose yourself and when you pull yourself back together the damage left over can be unbearable. The negative thoughts can be unbearable, its almost a voice that breaks your confidence. The attack comes and it’s like everything around you drowns out, your breath starts to rapidly increase, and your heart beats rapidly as well, and then it begins. “Why bother with people, your social skills are failed because you failed to save them, you hate people and clearly they hate you”. It feels like thick clay layering the top of your head,” the confusion is to much, what good are you if you can’t think straight?”.You use Positivity to start to fight back, you still had work to look forward to,”but everyone laughs behind your back there, and you can’t hold a conversation if your life depended on it”. At this point your frusterated and think of a solution, a carbonated drink helps, you quickly get ahold of a cold Pepsi, the bittersweet flavor and the carbonation temporarily pacifies and puts them to rest. The thoughts soon return and its back with a vengeance and strikes non-stop,”that was a waste of time, its only a matter of time before you fail worse than you already have”. Anxiety soon sets in and you listen to music as a hopes to calm yourself down, but how long before they return?. The calming church music does help a…

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