The Catholic Of The United States And Mexico Essay

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According to the Gospel, we must welcome the stranger. Catholic Social Teaching requires Catholics to care for and stand in soldiery with immigrants, both authorized and unauthorized, including unaccompanied immigrant children, refugees and asylum-seekers, those unnecessarily detained, and victims of human trafficking. The Catholic Updated Guide to Faithful Citizenship, emphasizes that people have the right to freely migrate. The Catholic Bishops of the United States and Mexico acknowledge globalization, or the interconnectedness and dependence between different countries because of technology and social media, as a factor for the acceptance and tolerance for migration (Catholic Updated Guide to Faithful Citizenship 40-41). There are also other factors, such as war, poverty, and injustice that force or encourage migrants and immigrants to leave their countries for the United States; these are valid reasons to immigrate. These migrants and immigrants must be accepted with open arms.
The United States and Mexico, and other countries facing migration and immigration problems, must “cooperate and [ ] jointly enact polices that will create a generous, legal flow of migrants between” nations (40). By revisiting existing immigration policies in the US, we would help fix the procedures that force immigrants to wait years, even decades for legal right to immigrate to the United States. These long wait times sometimes force immigrants to immigrate without proper documentation,…

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