The Benefits Of Immigrants In America

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America has been known always for being the land of freedom and opportunities. That’s what mostly all people who live outside of the country think. But nowadays a lot of people are questioning that, a group of people would be immigrants and refugees coming to the country. In my sincere opinion, America is the land of opportunities, but opportunity doesn’t come to you very easily because it is something that takes hard work. It is sad to say that most of the immigrants and refugees that come to America do not have that much success due to their lack of learning English properly, and others problems. However, others make better progress in language, integration and social interactions. America can be the land of opportunities for some people. …show more content…
Sometimes they don’t know any English. This can create a major problem for people that want to come to the land of opportunity for a job. “Non-English speakers fortunate enough to find work seem to get paid less for the same work than those who speak English” (Immigrants Face Struggle to Live Without English). Coming to America without knowing any English can be a disadvantage to immigrants, more than they expected it to be. Even with jobs that can be described as playing well, immigrants won’t receive the same amount of money than those who speak English as their native language. This can also create challenges for the immigrants when they are trying to interact with English speaking people. Some of the younger immigrants, may have a little more improvement because they have been learning their home language, and English in school. “Difficulty in speaking English can also create barrier between communities, with many immigrants remaining among those who understand them, and hostility in judgmental or impatient English-speaker” (Immigrants Face Struggle to Live Without English). From experience, I have seen how native English speakers lose their patience with non-native English speakers. Some other people do have more patient to the immigrants and refugees, and they help them to improve their English. But some immigrants are too stubborn to learn English and they get together with the people that only speak their language, creating an impossible way to do great in

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