The Catholic Church And The Church Essay

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In early times the Catholic Church held most of the available power. They censored the information available to the public in order to remain in power. The Catholic Church was the center of corruption and wrongdoing throughout the European countries. All actions done by the church was done to generate power or improve their financial status. Their actions included the creation of indulgences, patronizing the arts, fighting political and social wars, and financial corruption. The Catholic Church was no longer displaying the Bible, however they did what those who were church officials decided was best for them. Over time the church lost their power due to the actions of brave citizens. The tides have changed and the Catholic Church was no longer a social powerhouse; they were a corruption-filled society. As time periods moved on such as the Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Enlightenment the mood over the Catholic Church’s actions were on a downfall. The eyes of the people were exposed to the truth, not the lies that the church was giving to them. The church was the government. The Renaissance in Italy kicked off the social downfall of the Catholic Church. The Renaissance was a time of creativity and great change in many areas – political, social, economic, and cultural. It was a time when creative thinking and new technology let people comprehend and describe their world more accurately. During this time, creative times set out to transform the age that they lived in.…

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