Hatchet Quote Analysis

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If one day, everybody disappeared from your life, and it was just you to survive, do you think you could? Well if not, how long do you think you could survive on your own? In the nail-biting novel Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, Brian finds himself on the ground in the Canadian Wilderness. After the plane crash, there was nobody around to help him. It was a miracle that he was saved after fifty-four gut-wrenching days. He struggled many times, but used the materials he had to somehow craft weapons and shelter to survive. In my opinion, the two best times when Brian realized something was whenever he punched the aluminum on the plane and noticed it was fragile. The other time was whenever Brian was struggling to catch fish, then he remembered about …show more content…
The first major thing he realized was that nature isn't all about being strong, it’s also about being smart. He noticed this in chapter 13 he couldn’t catch fish for dear life. The quote states, “Of course-he had forgotten that water refracts, bends light. He had learned it somewhere, in some class, maybe it was biology- he couldn’t remember. But it did bend light and that meant the fish were not where they appeared to be. They were lower, just below, which meant he had to aim just under them.” The quote clearly shows that everything is not as it seems, and that nature is about brains and brawn, not just brawn. Before he remembered this, he just tried to take a stab at the fish, to see if he could get lucky enough to get it. If he did not realize this as soon as he did, he might have starved, or not made it the fifty-four days that he did. But even though he did, he now can get fish any time he wants, since he know exactly where to aim. He has become more of a thinker instead of trier through this experience. (A thinker is someone who thinks before they do something, and a trier is someone who goes into something with little to no knowledge about it whatsoever.) It has ultimately turned him into a better person in the long run, and anything new he tries will take him less time to do than this fishing experiment

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