The Case Of Ramona, And Her Ethical Dilemma Essay

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When reading the case of Ramona, and her ethical dilemma regarding how she should decide whether or not to accept a position with Next Step Herbal Health (NSHH), one is left to ponder her personal views and beliefs. Albeit she is a graduate of Liberty University, there is no concrete proof that she is a Christian or that her belief system is anything other than aligned with NSHH and other progressive ideals. Therefore, this essay will primarily focus on how Ramona can make a sound decision based on current ethical standards and also how she might make a difference if she chose to work in the NSHH environment.
Whether or not Ramona is of the Christian faith or adheres to a different belief set, is not at issue here; what is of pertinent value is if Ramona is ethical in her beliefs and has the faith that she can make a change no matter where she works. So, for the sake of argument, let’s presume that Ramona is open minded and willing to listen to or tolerate other people 's views. To illustrate a different perspective on corporate ethics, Kubasek, Brennan, and Browne assert that ethical considerations, with regard to consequential theory, can be based on “whether that conduct brings net happiness or pleasure to a society” (p. 181). Therefore, Ramona may view the whimsical behavior at NSHH as just another corporate culture that is looking to enhance the lives of others by bringing herbal remedies to people who could truly benefit from these health supplements.
Conversely, from…

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