The Case Manager Of Facility Essay

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Salvation Army located in Olathe accommodates homeless couples and their children. The child must be dependent and under eighteen. The couple does not need to be married but they must provide proof of eviction. In order to live at the facility one must submit an application which is usually done over the phone. They then must come to the facility for an interview and the coordinator checks there references of past land lords which then determines their eligibility.
The families that reside at the facility encounter multiple problems. According to Mina foster, the case manager of facility, many of the clients lack insurance, transportation, employment, access to medication, and a lot of them have multiple health problems. Some of the health problems that the clients have are hypertension, diabetes, gastrointestinal reflux, depression, dental issues, and many other things. Since a lot of these families in the facility lack insurance and have low income, they do not seek help immediately. “Those who are homeless identify lack of health insurance and financial resources as key barriers to accessing health care “(Bernstein, et al, 2015, p.46). They wait till the last possible minute when their health problem becomes incapacitating or life-threatening to seek help at the emergency room. At the emergency room, they are stabilized and sent on their way but the health problem is not actually treated because the client lacks insurance or money to pay for additional services.…

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