The Case For Performance Enhancing Drugs Essay

1412 Words Oct 13th, 2014 6 Pages
In life there are major arguments that contrast ethically, morally, and logically. Arguments where there really isn’t a clear and precise winner, but more of a standstill with both sides repeating the same exhausted theories and opinions over and over again. This is the case for performance-enhancing drugs in sports. While there is no distinct frontrunner for this argument as a whole, from a health and ethical perspective, illegal performance enhancing drugs should stay just that: illegal. This paper will describe the health issues of using dugs, the negative outcomes for the future of sports, and the moral reluctance for allowing preforming enhancing drugs to become legalized. Performance-enhancing drugs are described as fulfilling two of the following: enhancing performance, represents a huge risk to the athlete’s health, and violates the sprit of the sport (Nikolopoulos). With evidence of negative long-term harm for the user, fan rejection towards athletes whom dope, and ethical consequences for allowing preforming-enhancing drugs, there are many reasons why drugs should stay illegal in sports. In all fairness, there is a short term benefit to using performance-enhancing drugs, for example: from quicker reaction times, more muscle build up, and mental awareness (Maganaris). These benefits strongly appeal to athletes who are trying to take their game to the next level. Becoming stronger, faster, and in all intents and purposes, better, quicker and easier would attract…

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