The Career Paths Of Esl Teaching Essay

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The career paths that I am interested in are ESL Teaching, or becoming a Psychologist, which fits me most. ESL teaching is primary overseas like Thailand, China, and Japan, but there are opportunities in big cities that have foreign exchange students in the United States and Canada. ESL teaching is teaching students English in a safe environment and influencing culture trends to help them understands English words. My other career path is becoming a psychologist and the work is usually local, or nationwide because there isn’t a real need for psychologists in Asia because their culture clashes with a foreigner culture. Psychologist job is to help clients get back on the right track of life, or simply helping clients with stress. They also publish studies of their patients in scientific articles, for enhancing for the benefits of other patients.

Job description
ESL teachers should develop a curriculum that helps to understand the English Language, or English teachers should focus on a specific aspect of the language, such as life skills, literacy, or vocational and Business English. Psychologists study the human mind and their scientific research helps other psychologist to understand behavior, memory and mental health disorders of different patients. Psychologist should conduct counseling and experimentation; psychologists should also promote safety, understanding proper health of their patients.
Prospective Employer
First impressions matter because it is the matter of…

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