The Career Path Of My Dreams And Pursue A Job As A Manager Of A Sports Franchise

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Working in a field that students find personally satisfying and internally rewarding is critical to their success in the career path of their choice. Personally, I have chosen Sports Management, a field that fits both my skills and interests. In this field, I must obtain a degree in the one or more of the following majors: Public Relations, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Business, or Analytics. Although I have not currently declared a major, I plan to major in the field of Business and minor in Marketing. These majors will allow me the opportunity to enter the career of my dreams and pursue a job as a General Manager of a sports franchise.
Sports have greatly evolved throughout the past one hundred years. It was not long ago that the professional world of sports was a much more simple industry. Twenty years ago, the world of sports was lead by the eyes and ears of the employees of the major professional sports franchises. However, the way the industry is viewed now is that it is strongly analytically based and greatly driven by new advances in technology. In the past it would be much easier to be a General Manager because the job was filled with much less pressure and a great deal of executive freedom. However, in the new age of professional sports, there is immense pressure on the General Manager of professional sports teams. Their jobs are very unsecure and although they come with great financial stability, these jobs are some of the most mentally draining across…

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