Essay about The Career Path For Nursing Professionals

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Clinical nurse specialists perform interesting, vital tasks each day. Their special skills and knowledge allows them to make critical contributions the medical practice. Using their education and skills, clinical nurse specialists act as instruments of change in the caregiving setting. Analysts predict career growth in the field parallels the population’s demand for medical care. The career provides a rewarding career path for nursing professionals who desire to take on more responsibility.

No Two Days Are the Same

Clinical nurse specialists typically perform varying task on a daily basis. [1] Some begin their day reviewing calls from clients. Throughout the day, they attend to tasks such as visiting patients at various caregiving facilities, arranging patient prescriptions and updating and consulting with patients. At times, CNSs make hospital stay arrangements and visit clients to check on their condition. Other visits include checking on and encouraging patients before complex surgeries.

Clinical nurse specialists also attend to client families by providing support and relying patient status updates. They meet with consultant on behalf of patients to determine potential action plans. CNSs also monitor client conditions by reviewing patient tests and historical vital statistics. Using this information, clinical nurse specialists keep patients and stakeholders appraised of the client’s condition and caregiving plans. The daily duties performed by the clinical nurse…

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