The Career Of Cancer Research Essay

1433 Words Nov 29th, 2016 6 Pages
A career in cancer research has been my objective since before I entered college. My extensive personal experiences with this disease have deeply impacted my goals and aspirations as both a scientist and as a student. Unlike many undergraduates, I have accumulated an extensive amount of research experience during my undergraduate career, working to answer a broad range of biological questions. These diverse experiences have directly impacted my decision to pursue a graduate degree in immunology, and have provided me with a wealth of skills and knowledge that I believe will make me a successful Ph.D. candidate.
Initially, upon entering college, I sought to pursue a chemical and biological engineering degree. However, after obtaining a research position in a biochemistry lab my freshman year, I quickly found that I enjoyed research even more than my class work. I cherished being able to apply my knowledge to actual scientific questions, as well as using my problem solving skills to optimize my experimental protocols. Here, I found a deep passion for biology and its multitudinous applications.
Due to the lack of biology involved in the engineering curriculum, I was motivated to switch my major to Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB) and Biochemistry. Fortunately, the classes I completed while majoring in engineering gave me a strong background in mathematics and problem solving, which, in conjunction with what I have learned in MCDB and Biochemistry, has…

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