Essay about The Career Of A Pharmacist

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Career Paper – Pharmacist One of the biggest decisions in life is quite simple, yet probably the hardest choice one will ever make, who they want to be when they grow up. Throughout high school everyone is given their choices and every bit of information one could possibly need about future careers, however when it comes time to decide who they are going to be, for some the choice is impossible. I have always wanted to get into the medical field; though I did not want to deal with unhealthy patients hands-on. Taking chemistry and enjoying it very much brought me to the idea of being a Pharmacist. A Pharmacist is most often someone with a Doctorate degree, and is someone who’s main job is to administer the prescription given by a doctor to a patient. I feel that I would enjoy pursuing the career of a Pharmacist because it is full of chemistry, math, and counting, and also focused around the medical field. On the Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS), there are assessments one can take to show what type of career would suit them best. I took the Career Cluster Inventory, and scored the highest in the categories of Agriculture and Construction, Business Management and Administration, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, all with a score of 10. By taking the Skills assessment, it showed me that I scored highest in a Conventional and Investigative career. On a scale from 1 to 100, I received 48 points towards a Conventional personality, meaning I enjoy to…

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