The Career Choice Of Choosing Computer Programmer Essay

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Computer Information Technology (Programmer)

The career choice of choosing Computer Programmer is something that will make a person wants to know how a computer software works. The fun of knowing that several people can write about a program using different terms. Computer Programmer is a great field to learn about all the behind the scenes that it takes for a software to run. There are many attributes of being a computer programmer. In today’s society, being a Computer Programmer is a career that will continue to be useful today. It is a great field to learn about the technology of computers. Nearly, “half of adults have a more distant or non-existent relationship to modern information technology” (Pew Research Center 1).
Programmer’s work in offices spending their time testing and writing code for the computer. The codes allow software and applications to function the right way. They hold a bachelor’s degree which some employees will take a person with an associate degree to write the necessary programs. They will test the programs to debug them for the software to run the right way. The duties that a programmer is responsible for is using several languages to write programs. They will use languages as Logic and Design, Visual BASIC II, JAVA, Database Management System and Systems Analysis methods. The programmer will look for errors and fix the problem. They will use flowcharts for outline, debugging and designing. Programmers normally have to rewrite the programs to…

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