The Canadian Health Care System Essay

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The Canadian health care system emphasizes universal and comprehensive access to essential health care services (Flood, 2004). These principles are part of the five tenets of the Canada Health Act (CHA) with guides federal funding for provincial public health care (Charles, Lomas, & Giacomini, 1997; Flood, 2004; Leake, 2006; Quiñonez & Grootendorst, 2011). The crux, of the federal legislation regarding publicly funded health service coverage and federal-provincial cost sharing in public health care, is the concept of medically necessary services (Caulfield, 1996; Charles et al., 1997). However, the CHA does not explicitly define what services are medically necessary; hence riddled with many interpretations (Caulfield, 1996; Caulfield & Zarzeczny, 2014; Flood, 2004). Ambiguity in defining medically necessary services is not only limited to federal legislation but provincial legislations as well (Caulfield, 1996; Charles et al., 1997; Emery & Kneebone, 2013; Flood, 2004). Although, there are some similarities in services deemed medically necessary across provinces in the country (mostly hospital or physician based services), different provinces have different list of services deemed as medically necessary under their public health care system (Flood, 2004; Thompson, Cooney, Lawrence, Ravaghi, & Quiñonez, 2014b). The variability of what constitute medically necessary services across provinces ranges from nursing homes, long-term care facilities, out of country…

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