The Cambodian Killing Fields During The Vietnam War Essay

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The Cambodian Killing Fields occurred from 1975-1978 and under Khmer Rouge 's rule, hundreds of thousands of Cambodians died from execution, forced labor, disease, and starvation. The Khmer revolution is known as one of the most destructive genocide in history. The revolution reversed class order, destroyed all markets, banned private property and money. The Killing Fields is not only historical for what it accomplished but for what it destroyed. Although this tragedy happened over a generation ago, Cambodians are still struggling today to fully recover as a country and they have unresolved impunity and corruption in their society and law as a direct result of the Cambodian genocide (Rennie, 2016). Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia which gained its independence from France in 1953. They were under colonialist rule for almost 100 years. They are similar to the United States in this aspect because the US was under colonialist rule by Britain for many years. Cambodia elected Prime Minister Norodom Sihanouk during the Vietnam War. He declared Cambodia a neutral country during the Vietnam War and offered support to both of the sides. Sihanouk was overthrown by a part of the military which was led by his General, Lon Nol (Krkljes, 2015). Lon Nol was at one time a trusted supporter of Sihanouk. The General then established the Khmer Republic and became the self-proclaimed President. Nol was the commander-in-chief of the Khmer National Armed Forces. The Khmer Republic was…

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