The Cambodian Genocide: The Killing Fields Of Cambodia

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The Cambodian Genocide The “Killing Fields” of Cambodia, the most common name for the genocide that killed approximately two million, 1.7 million to be more exact, Cambodians. The “Killing Fields” of Cambodia needs to be kept in mind, like every other genocide for the same exact reasons. It is of import to learn and remember why and what happened, reactions of other countries, and how it is looked upon today, to learn how to avoid cases like this in the future and how to prepare for them in case they happen. It is also important to see the comparison of this genocide with that of the Holocaust and many others. The genocide we refer to as the “Killing Fields” of Cambodia was started by a group of “well-educated students who had lived in France yet felt alienated by post-independence Kingdom of Cambodia.”, also known as the Khmer Rouge (Taylor). Soon after becoming the leading group of Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge ordered the movement of several Cambodians to the countryside as an act of Maoism, the belief that the predominant ethnic group was above others in the country. When they moved these peoples, they expected them to go back and live as “rural peasants”(Taylor). The movement and forced dropping of all wealth relates in a somewhat deep way to what had happened to several families, including Elie Wiesel’s, during the Holocaust. In the Holocaust, families of jewish …show more content…
Like during the Holocaust, those who had an education such as doctors, lawyers, and teachers were all killed, while schools were shut down (GENOCIDE) (Wiesel). Children were separated from their families and sent to a different type of labor camp, a lot of the time. There was also racism that went along with smaller ethnic groups living in the area, which happened during the Holocaust as well. Many can say, that the killing fields of Cambodia related to the Holocaust in so many ways when they do the proper research, and that of course is proven

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