The Business Industry For Over 38 Years Essay

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We 've been in the business industry for over 38 years. We know what it takes as a woman, and minority small business owner struggling to compete against big companies. Prior to Hurricane Katrina, I owned and operated a successful staffing agency in New Orleans. A partner in that staffing firm afforded me the ability to do great things for the people of the community and city by providing Job readiness training and Job placement.

In the beginning and after many trials and errors, We look at how difficult it was for us to start our business. Sometimes we would work in a job position ourselves to make our client happy. Learning about the many different certifications we needed to get a contract with the City, State, and Federal Government was a task in itself. Once we thought we learned every other type of certification out there, then we noticed there were others. It seemed as though once you finished the paperwork that took forever to compile and completed, you would find out there was yet another application to be completed. It was Neverending. Overspending to get these services done, along with completing a business plan, almost drove us crazy not to mention almost broke our bank account, and we were just getting started! There weren 't enough hours in a day to complete everything. Then it took days of running from location to the location. The process was long, tedious and extremely exhausting. Losing revenue for every day your business is closed…

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