The Burmese Education System Of Burma Essays

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Imagine your education ending when you were nine because your parents could not afford to keep sending you. Or that you had a brother that got to keep going to school while you stayed at home because you were a girl and your family didn’t think you needed to learn to read and write. Imagine not having any say in if you got to go to college, what you were going to study if you did get to go, or what career you were going to have. Imagine the government having complete control over what your life became. These are not things that children living in Burma need to imagine, they are part of their reality. Once a strong and educated population, the people of Burma now struggle to see the value of an education when its financial burden on a family seem to outweigh all the good that can come from their child’s education. The education system in Burma is becoming weaker and weaker by the year. The Burmese education system fails largely because of a decreasing amount of financial support given by the Burmese government. Burma is the only developing country in Asia where military budget exceeds the combined health and education budget. Burma ranks 164th out of 168 countries for public expenditure on education. The incredibly low support given from the government and taxpayers has cost Burma its once incredibly good reputation in education. At one time Burma was one of the most admired countries for its widespread literacy and incredibly high education standards. Many believe this was…

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