Inequality In America Essay

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Pretend you work your hardest on something expecting to get a noticed for it, but someone does the same thing and gets recognition for it. See? That’s how inequality in America is like and what many of us go through on a day to day basis. Life has all sorts of downs and ups to it as we all know it right? Let me put it this way, America only gives certain privileged people easy roads in life, while others will have to work harder to get to that point in life. Not only has that been a critical issue of America, but America nowaday is declining in how people communicate and correspond with each other as technology advances are made. America is suppose to be a land where people look forward to come into, not someplace that people aren’t wanting …show more content…
Wages are at an all time high and accumulate, while jobs for people are not being paid enough to pay for all the bills that come their way. To live healthy as well as being able to supply families with food, shelter, clothes, and any other necessity people must conform to extreme working conditions to where they are overworked and paid barely enough to support their families. Rich america controls most of the wealth and that should not be the case at all. In this instance the wealth is distributed , but not in the proper type of way that is equal for everyone. Within the article by George Packer, he states that “inequality will continue to mock the American opportunity for all.” As long as this inequality for the people in this country stays alive than the country will be overwhelmed by the rich and middle class as well as the poor will suffer drastically. People in America want to achieve success and chase the American Dream, which has eluded many immigrants and others for so long. If America keeps depriving the real hardworking people in America and not funding people who really deserve the money. Inequality within the country divides many of our society, which could result in many individuals living in America distant from one

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