The British Military Essay

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The British Military uses a variety of teaching techniques to its soldiers but predominately teaches in an explicit or direct instruction manner similar to its autocratic leadership stance. In contrast distance learning packages favour the use of problem based learning (Savin-Baden 2003, 92). Therefore just like the direct instruction teacher becomes a tutor in problem based learning, the military student in a WBDL package needs to adapt by developing skills for self-directed learning in order to succeed in this programme (Kretchmar, 2015).

This self-directed learning requires a level of learner independence because a student does not routinely receive the same levels of support and structure compared to other methods of learning (Willis 1994, 53). Holmberg (2008, 30 - 36) states that distance education attracts the mature student which goes well with the ability to work autonomously, but the assumption should not be made that students can achieve this already and that distance education needs to set the conditions to promote independent learning. Whereas Moore (2010, 7) emphasises that regardless of a tutor or lecturer’s investment in a student, becoming an active learner who is engaged and immersed in the subject as opposed to a passive learner will result in more creativity, increasing the positive aspects of distance learning and the likelihood of success on the WBDL programme. Therefore it is suggested that fostering independent learning as the programme progresses…

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