The Breaking Subculture Has Been Absorbed Into Mainstream Culture?

1273 Words Dec 15th, 2016 6 Pages
Throughout my research, the question that I wanted to answer is, Has the breaking subculture has been absorbed into mainstream culture? I thought about this question when considering if the fact that hip hop’s popularity might have affected this subset of the subculture. I also thought this question was very important for the continuation as well as the preservation of the b-boy subculture. That’s why I found fieldwork to be so imperative to my study of such a hidden subculture. I felt that I needed to know how does one get into this culture? where does one go to participate? does this subculture still have events? what type of people usually are successful at b-boying, do the members know the history of their subculture? has the subculture branched out to different races and financial background? and do they think the subculture has gone mainstream? I felt that these would help me get to know the heart and soul intent of this subculture.
I chose to interview some active B-boys on Temple University 's campus. They have their own crew here as an extracurricular group. I choose them because they are active in the subculture and they are trying to pass down the technique that goes with the subculture. They are all young and this made me wonder where they learn about it if it’s not that popular. Also on their owlnet bio, they mention that they also accept the non- temple student as well as their alumni. But the major reason I chose to observe and interview them is because their…

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